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Every great testimony I have ever heard has two universal points in common: There has been a lot of pain endured, and A great challenge has been faced I never hear that the cause of pain and sorrow is an individual’s high tolerance for pain or ability to find strength in their inner most self allowed them to claim victory over their hardships. In fact, if a person were to use those two points to describe their way through personal struggle, it would not be a testimony at all; it would only be a motivational speech. 

I can assure you that the struggles in my life, whether it was drugs, alcohol, acceptance, or heartbreak, were all overcome by one thing and one thing alone….the redemptive power and grace of Jesus Christ. The story I have to share is of how He found His way into my life and how He changed me from the inside out. My desire here is to share with anyone who will listen just how Jesus Christ used the bad decisions I have made, the pain that I have felt and caused, and the faithful members of His body to penetrate and soften a heart that was hardened, full of a fear, and saturated with one constant thought…..ME! 

During my journey I have discovered many truths, none more transforming than the realization that until I started placing His will ahead of my own and the needs of others before my own desires, I would continue to be miserable. Looking at the lives of those transformed by the renewing of their minds, I began to see evidence that both Jesus Christ and they had courageously battled the same demons that I was facing. Through His and their experiences, I began to gain an invaluable weapon in battling the enemy….HOPE. Through Jesus Christ, I hope to share a message of just that. A hope that comes with a better understanding of what grace truly means. My desire is nothing more than to provide encouragement and a living example of the redemptive power and love of Jesus Christ.In the course of working through my moments of despair, unexplainable grace, and seemingly impossible circumstances, He has started a work in my life that can only be described as miraculous. 

Today, I can truly say I am blessed beyond measure and give thanks for the gifts He has given me to communicate this message to others.Through music, I have the opportunity to connect with people in a powerful way. Along the journey, I have accumulated some remarkable stories that if nothing else provides a backdrop of what life without Jesus Christ can look like. I believe I have been called not only to try to motivate and inspire people, but to testify to the immeasurable power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.