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Skinny Molly is a Southern Rock band which features, Mike Estes from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jay Johnson of The Rossington Band, and Kurt Pietro current drummer for Blackfoot. In 2011, Skinny Molly did a 22-date month long tour of six countries in Europe and then went right back into the studio to finish their second CD “Haywire Riot.” After that, they debuted their new single on the Fox News television program “Huckabee” which had the viewership of over 3 million people. Skinny Molly also had a Summer Tour of the Southeast that included some of their largest audiences to date. 

Skinny Molly says: “We hope you will be a part of this very special celebration of some of the greatest music of all time, Southern Rock, played by some of the legends that made it a part of our lives.”