The Jerry Wade Band

The Jerry Wade Band  consists  of  two primary  members with  a combined 30 years plus in music performing to crowds  
all over  the Eastern and Southern areas.  The band has  become a household name well  known for their Country/ Southern Rock inimitable style.  The lead performer  and song writer Mr.  Jerry Wade has  been singing since he could walk, just like every artist;  but music doesn't make an artist, hard work, self  determination and  perseverance  does. He's been dealt a  
good hand of friends and family that has allowed Mr. Wade to pursue his dream.  The  band is known for being the real-deal performing  originals and cover tunes by some of  today’s hottest artist. They're new country and old country all  wrapped up with enchanting personalities to  boot. 

The Jerry Wade Band is hard core country with a whole lotta Southern Rock mixed with a  hint of older country. When any fan young or old comes to a show they can expect  to be  dazzled by the amazing vocal vitality of each member. The band’s goal is to persevere what is working and to make a promise to make changes in order to keep it one of the  most sought after and hottest country music acts around.  

If you are looking for a high energy, take no prisoners   band to entertain, then this  is the band for you. From current country hits to the  old-school  country, they play  it, from Southern Rock to Country Rock they deliver. They even throw in a little soul  and R&B to keep you moving.  The band makes each and every performance personal and up close for the crowd. for more info visit